Democratic TV Spot: Pick-Up Driving Racist Redneck KKK GOP Voter Hunts Down Angelic Coalition of Fringes Children
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This TV ad in the Virginia gubernatorial race was paid for by the Latino Victory Project.

To understand the strategy behind this ad, here’s a recent New York Times article:

In Virginia Governor’s Race, Immigrants’ Turnout May Be Key By MICHAEL TACKETT OCT. 28, 2017

… In the past decade, expansive growth has added hundreds of thousands of new residents to the region just outside Washington, making some Northern Virginia counties the fastest growing in the state and the wealthiest in the nation. Among those newcomers are a broad spectrum of Latinos, Arabs and South Asians like Mr. Iyer who are a major reason for Virginia’s steady march toward the Democratic Party.

But with a week and a half to go in the campaign, lack of engagement from the brimming immigrant population here represents a key challenge for Mr. Northam, the lieutenant governor, in his race against Ed Gillespie, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee, and a source of worry for his supporters. …

… If the core constituency that helped Democrats carry the state in the last three presidential elections does not turn out, it will be that Republican Virginia that prevails.

Thank God the Democrats are importing millions of future Democratic voters to demographically crush those pickup-driving yeehawing white racist Republican genocidal lynch mob maniacs who built this country and thus deserve to have it taken away from them. Haven’t you heard about how these lowbrow morons all belong to U. of Virginia fraternities that have an initiation ritual of gangrape on broken glass? Read a book!

It’s very simple: the more hallucinatory our feelings of hatred toward you Core Americans whose votes stand in the way of Virginia becoming a One Party State, the more we know you deserve to be hated by us for your hatefulness.

This Latino Victory organization was founded by actress Eva Longoria and Henry R. Muñoz III, a gay designer Conquistador-American.

Here’s an interesting Artificial Intelligence question:

Why is it obvious just from his chosen photo that this guy is gay?

Another question: What percentage of Mexican American men who are Democratic Party activists are gay?

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