Latest “Man Arrested” Is Black Shooter At Texas A & M—The Second Since October
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Last year at the end of October, there was a mass shooting at black college party in Greenville, TX, involving students at Texas A&M-Commerce, which is not the main, mostly white Texas A&M, nor yet the Texas A&M "Historically" black college at Prairie View.

Texas A&M-Commerce, near Dallas-Fort Worth, is about 20 percent black. We covered this shooting, which was the kind that does not make the national news, in two items here.

When a story of the murder of two women and the wounding of a child at Texas A&M-Commerce came up yesterday, there were no details about the race of the victims or suspects, but I saw that the CBS DFW story Texas A&M-Commerce Classes Cancelled After Shooting Leaves 2 Dead, Child Injured, [February 4, 2020] included a video interview with two black guys who said they were still recovering from hearing of a shooting just a couple of months ago, that many on campus had known someone who was shot.

It turns out that it was the ex-boyfriend of the two sisters who were shot who committed the murder, and school officials referred to it as a "targeted, isolated" shooting, I. E. not one of the mass shootings you keep reading about it. Charged in the murders of sisters Deja and Abbaney Matts, right, and the wounding of Abbaney’s 2-year-old son is Jacques Dshawn Smith, 21.


According to the first story on that list, "Smith was arrested last week for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after an incident in which he threw a TV at Deja. But was released on a $15,000 bond despite having violated his probation."

As usual, the shooter was referred to  in the news as "man arrested."

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