Larry Summers: Let's Talk About Discrimination Against Jews At Stanford In 1953 (But Not Asians At Harvard, 2001-2006)
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Personally, I can see all the sides to this question. America’s elite colleges did a skillful job during the middle of the 20th century at maintaining the value of their brands by letting in enough Jews that Jewish wealth didn’t flow much into founding Jewish colleges the way that Catholic wealth had flowed into founding Catholic colleges; but also not letting in so many East European Jews that gentiles and German Jews would find formerly elite colleges so popular with East European Jews that, like Yogi Berra’s favorite restaurant, nobody goes there anymore.

In the 21st century, with the Ivy League heavily run by Jews (judging from the number of Jewish presidents}, elite colleges are similarly teasing Asians to keep their hopes up, but without letting in so many that their fashionable colleges turn into boring UC Irvine.

I think America’s elite colleges over the last century have been conducting a master class in how to keep their brands prestigious and fashionable by subtly manipulating who gets in.

This doesn’t mean that WASP presidents of elite colleges putting a thumb on the scale against Jews in 1953 or Jewish presidents of elite colleges, like Summers, putting a thumb on the scale against Asians in the new century are ethical.

But they weren’t irrational or ignorant.

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