Cancelled Tenured Researcher Is A Beloved Teacher
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Earlier: Tenured Professor Fired For His Breakthrough Race-IQ Study


Business professor Bryan J. Pesta recently was fired by Cleveland State following a campaign to have him fired over his important 2019 paper on the correlation between racial admixture and IQ.

I looked up what Cleveland State business students think about ex-professor Pesta on Rate My Professors and it appears to have been a big self-inflicted wound on the part of the administration. Judging from the comments, students seem to love the guy as a lucid, fair, funny, and not terribly hard professor.

I’d hardly be surprised if Pesta’s extremely well-informed IQ realism made him a better teacher, well aware this is Cleveland State, not the U. of Chicago.

Strikingly, the Chronicles of Higher Education article exulting over the firing of a tenured professor takes as a given that Pesta must be a horrible person for helping scientific understanding of one of the major questions of our age. But, according to Rate My Professors, practically everybody who knows Pesta seems to think he’s a great guy. And, objectively, the CoHE people and the anti-science activists they laud seem far more like horrible persons than Pesta does.

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