Lame Duck Senate Hasn't Funded Amnesty Yet, Because Senators Are Feeling The Heat
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Jeff Sessions speaks Friday night.

I watched Jeff Sessions speaking last night on a bill that Harry Reid was probably hoping would go through automatically so Senators could get home for Christmas.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have blocked the lame duck Senate from "fast-tracking" the bill fully fund the President's executive amnesty. It may be impossible (because the newly-elected Senators aren't in office yet) to prevent the Senate from fully funding this thing.

Speaking on the Senate floor last night, Ted Cruz pointed out that lame duck Senators are immune to the rage of the voters, and might give a vote to fund Amnesty as kind of going-away present to their future lobbying clients.

Cruz, Lee, and Sessions may be able to force a "point of order" vote that will, at the least, get every single US Senator on the record regarding Obama amnesty funding. [Procedural Moves Could Delay Senate CRomnibus Vote, Revive Amnesty Defunding Effort, NumbersUSA, Friday, Dec 12th 2014] Most of them are are coming back, and many are Republicans. (Remember, this thing passed the House with Republican votes.)

The Senate may be in session until 1 a.m. Sunday morning, and if you want to make your opinion heard, Senate staffers will be answering phones on Capitol Hill beginning at noon, eastern time today. (As I pointed out recently, the switchboard had the same kind of overload it did in 2007, but that wasn't stopping the calls, because people Googled the direct number of their own Senator.) Remember, even if Senators don't see the light, they can feel the heat.

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