The Week in Jihad: Slaughter, Lies and Polygamy
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The recent interview of JihadWatchs Robert Spencer by Michael Coren on SunTV was jam packed with topics, listed by video site AlohaSnackbar (links added by me):

1) ISIS beheaded 4 Christian children in Iraq who refused to convert to Islam.

2) ISIS using churches as prisons.

3) School textbooks in Pakistan promote violent jihad.

4) Moderate Bosnian Muslim imam stabbed for criticizing ISIS.

5) Rampant Muslim polygamy in Britain.

The unfriendlies are energized because of their successes and the weakness of America and Europe.

One theme of the interview is how Muslim societies that earlier were friendly to religious minorities are now in the thrall of violent jihad, like Bosnia which once had a less bloodthirsty Islam in Europe, but is now becoming infected with the headchop frenzy.

Regarding the use of churches as prisons in Iraq:

ROBERT SPENCER: Theyve completely eradicated Mosul of the 2000-year-old Christian population that had been there, and seized all the churches. There were 45 Christian installations in Mosul that are now under the control of the Islamic State. Theyve deliberately chosen to convert the churches into prisons as a sign of their contempt for the faith that had been preached there as a sign that they believe in accord with the koran that Jesus was a Muslim father who taught Islam and that wasnt taught in the churches where they twisted a hijacked version of the true teachings of the Muslim prophet Jesus.

Below, Muslims torched an 1800-year-old Mosul church last summer.

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