Lamar Smith Does It Again! Could House GOP Be On The Move On Immigration?
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The case of Amine el Khalifi, the Moroccan Visa overstayer accused of attempting a suicide bombing attack on the Capitol has rightly attracted much attention. And of course significant Muslim immigration, always problematic, is obviously extremely dangerous while U.S. Middle Eastern policy is controlled the way it is.

(Although I have to agree with our old friend Ilana Mercer that this particular case looks deplorably like entrapment.) 

But a heartening byproduct of this mess is further evidence that Lamar Smith, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is stirring: Lamar Smith calls for immigration reform because of would-be Capitol bomber By Jordy Yager The 02/18/12

“Today’s thwarted terror plot is a reminder that foreign terrorists will continue to exploit our nation’s immigration laws as long as they remain loosely enforced by the Administration,” said Smith.

The point here is the emphasis on “loose enforcement” by the Obamacrats. Earlier this month Smith placed an excellent article in Roll Call President Is Ignoring Immigration Laws Feb 6, 2012. Very likely because of his example, GOP Congressmen directly complained about the Obama Administrative Amnesty in recent hearings as I observed in Bloomberg Notices GOP Congressmen Noticing Administrative Amnesty - Could They Be Waking Up?

From this perspective, I take the vague but sweeping remarks about the case by Congressman Peter King as encouraging – unlike Brenda Walker. Perhaps King (the best of the whole NY delegation with a Numbers USA recent ranking of A-) also feels more able to speak more decisively on the subject now.

I have been underwhelmed by the recent Lamar Smith, and the slow GOP response to the Obama Administrative Amnesty has been ominously and outrageously weak. But Smith could have issued a statement like this over numerous news stories in the recent past – it is significant he has done it now.

Repentance brings redemption. I like the pattern!

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