Krugman and the Majority
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Remember the 2000 election? Paul Krugman does. He claimed recently that Gore would have won the Florida recount, and the Presidency, if it hadn't been for the Supreme Court.

He's still defending this position, [Don't Prettify Our History By PAUL KRUGMAN, August 22, 2005] and Krugman watchers around the web are still attacking it, but the point is fairly moot, because even if the Democratic candidate had won Florida by 200 votes or whatever, with all the confusion of undervotes, overvotes, and hanging chads, the difference would still have been with the margin of traditional Democratic vote fraud.

Especially when you consider the Democratic lock on genuinely ineligible voters.

The Democrats control the following:

I'm afraid that whatever the sins of the Republican Party, it's the Democrats who are the party of voter fraud.

That's why Hugh Hewitt wrote a book called If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat. However, in order to have a Republican landslide, the GOP would have to raise their share of the white vote, which their present policies aren't going to do.


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