The Governors Declare An Emergency: Who Cares If They're Sincere?
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It seems that, intentionally or not, or with a clear political motivation or not, that the governors of New Mexico and Arizona may have started the executive equivalent of "the wave". Now, as we wait to see if Arnold, who governs the state most re-conquered, will join his western counterparts, there are Republicans in Virginia who are urging their governor to stand up and signal to the White House that they need emergency funds to help to cope with the hordes of illegals the Commonwealth is forced to take in. This whole scenario may begin to even more fun to watch! From the Washington Times today:

"If New Mexico and Arizona qualify, certainly Northern Virginia would," the Fairfax County Republican said. "The amount of money that we are spending on illegal aliens is monstrous. Any way that we can get the federal government to help us fix the problem they've created I'm sure would go over 100 percent with 100 percent approval from the caucus."[Warner urged to declare emergency in illegals crisis By Christina Bellantoni]

Who among us wouldn't love to be a fly on the wall of the Oval Office today? [ Don't you always wonder what they say to each other when they don't use the evasive and nonsensical talking points that they spew to us irritating citizens?] One [ this one] can only hope that more states declare their own invasion/colonization emergency - and soon. It is far better a reaction that waving the white flag of surrender, as is the President. The image of all fifty states declaring a state of emergency seems poetic justice for the President and the rest of the illegal alien lobby that hopes we will lean back, drink our Kool-Aid and simply adapt to occupation and chaos. That Richardson and others on the far left expect us to accept their declarations of emergency because of Bush's intentionally un-secured borders as a signal that we need to implement an amnesty , pronto, may be the most hilarious and obvious mistake of the entire staged event so far. Bottom line? I agree with Joe...who cares why they are doing it. Let 'em go.

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