Kritarch John E. Jones III Strikes Again: Releasing Immigrants Into The Community BECAUSE They Might Have Coronavirus
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Kritarch John E. Jones III has struck again.  Kritarch Jones has ordered 22 illegal aliens likely contaminated with the China Flu into the public with only the assurance they will self-quarantine, on their honor as illegal aliens apparently.   This is not the first attack on the United States by Kritarch Jones.  If the Chinese Flu is as bad as Kritarch Jones claims, his order to release will eventually kill Americans, and that is terrorism. Kritarch Jones has done this before, and he apparently doesn’t care that the American people are outraged at his illegal and unconstitutional meddling in decisions not under his jurisdiction.


Kritarch John E. Jones III

Expressing that there’s clear evidence that preventive measures against the novel coronarvirus at the Pike County Correctional Facility and York County Prison are not working, a federal judge on Tuesday ordered the immediate release of 22 additional immigrants in detention who have preexisting medical conditions.

It’s the second time in the last week that U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III has granted a temporary restraining order directing the release of people being held in civil immigration detention due to concerns about the new coronavirus. The courts, he said, cannot leave the most fragile unprotected to face the growing danger of COVID-19.

[Judge Orders Release Of 22 More Immigrants In Pa. Detention Due To Coronavirus Risk, by Dylan Segelbaum, York Daily Record, April 7, 2020]

The highly politicized Kritarch Jones has no concern for Americans, and nothing but contempt for the impact of illegal alien disease vectors has on Americans.

“We are mindful that judicial decisions such as these are both controversial and difficult for the public to absorb,” Jones wrote in the 15-page memo and order. “It is all too easy for some to embrace the notion that individuals such as Petitioners should be denied relief simply because they lack citizenship in this country.”

“However,” he added, “Courts do not operate according to polls or the popular will, but rather to do justice and to rule according to the facts and the law.”

The Treason Bar, ethnic lobbies, and anti-American hate groups are leading this charge to release illegal aliens by falsely claiming that the Wu Flu is a major public health problem, which many people have argued it is not.

“Our clients are at great risk of getting sick or even dying if they remain in immigration detention. The court understood that and recognized that the preventive measures in the jails are not working,” said Witold “Vic” Walczak, legal director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania, in a statement. “Today’s ruling underscores the very real public health crisis that is occurring and will continue to occur in jails and prisons if corrections officials do not respond appropriately.”

The left uses any reason, real or imagined, to benefit illegal aliens and this is an orchestrated campaign across the nation.

Another organization, CASA, has stated that it’s been sounding the alarm since the pandemic started about what it describes as a lack of protections there.

“This coronavirus case in the York County Prison is just another example of how ICE endangers the lives of people in its custody,” said Thais Carrero, CASA Pennsylvania director, in a statement. “If news reports are true, then there must be more cases – and more deaths – on the horizon.”

Time not only for the Department of Justice to appeal these illegal orders: the judiciary has no authority to review a custody decision under the law, only the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), or his designate, may make such a determination, but, in the end this is an Andrew Jackson moment, President Trump should put the Kritarchs who want to expose Americans to the allegedly deadly Chinese Virus in their place.

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