Kirkwood Shooter's Brother "Obstinate"—"Raised The Issue Of Race"
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As I wrote last night, Gerald Thornton, the brother of the black gunman who shot up Kirkwood City Council is making noises excusing the murders on the grounds that his brother was a victim of racism.[Watch video here]
Surrounded by a crush of reporters, Gerald Thornton, two years Charles’ senior and one of nine siblings, verged on obstinate in his defense of his brother’s actions.

When asked if he felt for his brother’s victims, Thornton said: “No one wants to see loss of life over issues that should’ve been solved. We have educated people over there and they should’ve been able to see the things they were doing should’ve came to an end sooner.”

Thornton also raised the issue of race, suggesting that African Americans have a more difficult time exerting their rights and that his brother’s race was a factor in his difficulties with the city and in the courts.

.[ | 02/08/2008 | Shooter's brother: "He mapped out his strategy for war and executed it."By JASON NOBLE and LAURA, The Kansas City Star, February 8, 2008]

Of course, when an African-American bursts into a room with gun, and shoots six or seven white people, the issue of race is already there. It should, in fact, be raised by the press, whose job is to get the facts.They could ask if the late Charles "Cookie" Thornton hated white people, or if Gerald Thornton, pictured at left, does.
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