Kaus On Coming Amnesty Push—"Get Your Dialling Finger Ready"
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VDARE.com thinks very highly of Mickey Kaus, and he's just posted an excellent assessment of what he calls The Coming GOP Amnesty Sellout Push (Daily Caller, January 20 2014).

Echoing a favorite VDARE.com theme, Kaus writes:

The only thing stopping them [the DC political class], at this point, is fervent opposition from the Republican base in a majority of House districts.

Of course, informing that " fervent opposition" at the grassroots, rather that Beltway or MSM maneuver, is what we see as VDARE.com's role.

Kaus concludes:

If strong voter opposition makes itself heard again, as it has in the past, the majority of the GOP caucus that Boehner says he needs probably won’t go along with his pro-amnesty “principles.” If that opposition doesn’t materialize, some form of legalization-before-enforcement becomes an inevitability. The coming weeks will tell.

If you care, get your dialing finger ready.

Emhases added.

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