Kaus Laughs At Barone Over Renewed Illegal Influx
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H/T  One Old Vet

Yesterday in More Barone Bunkum In Aid Of The Treason Lobby I suppose I was rude about key Open Borders stooge Michael Barone: today Mickey Kaus, being more of a gentleman, just laughs at him.

They’re coming to haunt Michael Barone The Daily Caller 09/24/2013 deals with the lethal impact of the news Steve Sailer discussed for us in Pew: Illegal Alien Numbers Rising Again on Barone’s party piece of the last couple of years: the allegation that net Mexican immigration had ceased.

Honey, it’s those people Michael Barone told us not to worry about. They’ve made Drudge: It’s official–illegal immigration  on the Southern Border has seemingly started to increase again. I’m sure all the talk of amnesty (and Obama’s executive actions stopping or slowing enforcement against children and parents) has nothing to do with it.

P.S.: Note that even if the mild U.S. economic  recovery is the sole cause of the increase, that would seem to confirm that a job market most Americans regard as pretty crappy can still be highly appealing to millions of potential illegal entrants from poorer nations, some (e.g. those in Central America) within walking distance.

(This no net Mexican immigration story was always a bit of card sharping by the Open Borders crowd: there was no allegation that the OTM (“Other than Mexican) influx, with its preferential treatment, had stopped.)

So what does the Treason Lobby do when one of its servants is humiliatingly discredited having proclaimed for them as permanent an effect predictably fleeting if not actually non-existent?

Give him a book contract and a WSJ puff piece.

The Left looks after its wounded!

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