Kanazawa Is Back:"The Return Of The Ugly, Racist Pseudoscientist With..."
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Awhile ago, Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics got in big trouble for a blog posting at a magazine pointing out that data from dating websites suggests that, on average, black women are seen as less attractive than other women. And then he offered some speculation why that might be, such as differences in average femininity and masculinity levels.

This line of thought was not favorably received, with critics replying that it was only people like Kanazawa and the rest of the White Male Power Structure that kept strong black women like Serena Williams from being idolized as the exemplars of feminine grace that they are, and that Kanazawa made them so angry that they just wanted to punch him in his smirking face, and smash his skull open with a brick, and grind his ... well, let's just say they were miffed.

For his offense of miffing certain readers, Kanazawa was told he couldn't blog by the LSE for a certain amount of time. Now, that time is over, so he has a new blog, E pur si muove, at Big Think. Here's his first post:

The Return of the Ugly, Racist Pseudoscientist with a Small Penis
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