John Fund Raises Affirmative Action At NRO: Could GOP Hacks Actually Be Going To Use The Issue?
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Attorney General Holder: "And STAY kneeling!"

Could it possibly be that the GOP apparatchiks have actually found the intelligence and courage to use the Affirmative Action issue?

That is the plausible inference from the appearance of Infinite Affirmative Action? In Eric Holder’s world, the need for racial preferences will never end. By John Fund National Review On Line March 6, 2012, which significantly was immediately picked up by the aggregator site Real Clear Politics. Fund has long been a faithful servant of the GOP establishment.

Affirmative Action of course as Peter Brimelow has frequently said has always had the potential to be a lethal wedge issue. And never more so than now, with the blatant racial plunder-gathering of the Obamacrat Minority Occupation Government constantly on view. As Fund notes

Some say Holder has already been presiding over the most race-absorbed Justice Department in history. Career civil-rights attorneys such as former Voting Rights section chief Christopher Coates have resigned in disgust, citing the administration’s repeated refusal to apply civil-rights laws evenhandedly…the Holder administration’s affirmative-action guidelines for colleges and universities, issued in December, are clearly intended to increase the use of race-preferential admissions policies.
The stratagem has the beauty that it will excite arrogant and abrasive responses from Administration members and their supporters. The Republicans need actually say very little.

One might ask why this essay has appeared at NRO rather than at the Wall Street Journal, Fund's base for many years.

My suggestion is that the control element of NRO is primarily interested in the spoils of political office, while the Wall Street Journal is more focused on its ethnic agenda.


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