Black Stanford Law Professor: Butt Out Supreme Court - Affirmative Action Black Entitlement
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Stanford's Ford: Black privilege should be sacrosanct

Predictably the Left is extremely alarmed by the Supreme Court’s renewed interest in Affirmative Action – correctly fearing it a potentially lethal “wedge issue” against the Obamacrats. Over at Slate they have deployed a black Stanford Law School Professor, Richard Thompson Ford, to Mau Mau the issue:  Bad Marriage Why the Supreme Court should stay out of affirmative action Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

Professor Ford, a classical product of the Affirmative Action era (Stanford BA '88, Harvard JD '91, on the Stanford faculty three years after Law school, concentrating on the racial spoils field) specializes in mannered and nuanced discussions of racial matters, in a style rather like Steve Sailer’s description of Obama’s writing.

This is entirely appropriate because his message is the same. Civil Rights legislation is exclusively about benefiting Blacks. Whites need not apply.

As a law professor, for me nothing is more depressing than listening to an otherwise sensible and intelligent student insist that he can see no difference between Jim Crow segregation and an affirmative action policy (this is a the fundamental mistake underlying the Court’s affirmative action jurisprudence).

(Hint as to difference: Affirmative action benefits Blacks. Jim Crow laws were intended to be good for Whites.)

Ford thinks (quite possibly correctly) that the Supreme Court will wimp out again: but he is worried. This color blind idea is around. Courts were fine to build Black privilege but they are unpredictable.

Far better to insist on the paramountcy of the Legislature - now the GOP leadership is safely intimidated.

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