Hillary's Health, And The Lies About JFK, FDR, And Woodrow Wilson—Health Coverup "Conspiracies" Have Happened Repeatedly
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Hillary Clinton's health is something that you're not allowed to discuss. When Rudy Giuliani surfaced concern about it, New York media bigfoot Farhad Manjoo said Google should suppress search results for signs of Hillary's bad health:

Here's the WSJ's  James Taranto responding to an attempt by Jeff Jarvis to shut down speculation:

Kevin Michael Grace and Kevin Steel discuss Hillary's health issues here.

"Feelgood"  was his Secret Service code name.In the Grace and Steel podcast, they mention John F. Kennedy's steroid and painkiller use (caused by wartime injuries) and other illnesses which were kept from the public. People are asking whether Trump can be trusted with the nuclear codes, but JFK's Cuban Missile Crisis almost blew up the world, and Ron Unz has recently reported that the Kennedy Administration had serious discussions of a nuclear first strike.

The Dying PresidentFDR was dying as he was "running"—he didn't leave the White House much—for his unprecedented 1944 Fourth Term. As a result, the American people didn't get FDR as President, but his unknown VP, Harry Truman. He did drop the nuclear bomb—which I think is a good thing—but the point is that as a result of the White House/Media coverup of FDR's health problems,  Truman rather than Dewey became President, with long-term consequences for the US and the world.

wilsonWoodrow Wilson had a stroke in 1919, which made him temporarily unable to speak or work. His wife, Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, would go into his bedroom,  and come out and say  "The President says..." In effect, she was the first woman President, because it was her decisions that were secretly  running the country.

These are all things that we know now, as definite historical facts, but were concealed from the public by the White House and the media at the time.

So if you think Hillary and the "fact-checking" media are lying, don't allow talk about "conspiracy theories" faze you. Repeated conspiracies to conceal Presidential health issues have existed in history, and there's no reason to think that Hillary's staff are more honorable than Wilson's, FDR's, or JFK's.







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