Jobs Americans Shouldn't Have To Do
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The Straight Dope Message Board has a thread called Fastest you've ever quit a job., about jobs the mostly American posters have walked off in short order.
However, what made the job even worse was that you couldn't sit down. Ever. Not even on breaks. You could go outside for your break if you wanted — in freezing cold temperatures, but you were never to sit down. Even on lunch. No break room or lunch room to sit in, you had to stand at your station and eat. That's probably the largest part of why I ached so much; there was just no respite from being on your feet. I got yelled at once when I sat on the floor because I just couldn't stand a moment longer. The owners were real *******s. [Omitted, but probably correct].
That's the kind of job that employers are complaining that you and I won't do, and they have to import some really poor fellow from a Third World country  to get the job done. Maybe they could buy a couple of chairs instead.
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