JK Rowling Continues To Struggle Against Inherent Whiteness of Her Own Creation
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As I've blogged before, in The Racial Hypocrisy Magic of JK Rowling and The Inherent Euro-Traditionalism of Harry Potter,  Harry Potter is an inherently Euro/white/British literary creation, which no amount of non-white sprinkle-ins or gay Dumbledores can cure.

Even the central anti-Nazi theme of the books isn't enough to keep the woke from braying.

The latest offense is the casting of an ethnically Korean woman as the human form of Nagini, Lord Voldemort's pet snake. 

"Representation as an afterthought for more woke points is not good representation," tweets Jen Moulton, who's apparently upset that a character that never had a human form in the books now has one she disapproves of, because it looks like a tack-on.[JK Rowling hits back at racism backlash over Claudia Kim casting as Nagini in Fantastic Beasts London Evening Standard, September 27, 2018 ]

JK Rowling, and the rest of the Earth's white population, should take notice that we've arrived at a point where attempts to achieve diversity are just as susceptible of attack as "racist" as attempts not to.  You can't win. 


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