Jeb Bush on Immigration
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A legal immigration system is the not-so-secret edge in a competitive, interconnected world economy. Immigrants enhance our ability to grow and prosper in the dynamic global marketplace. We will need every possible advantage to expand our economy amid its fiscal challenges. Moreover, the aging of our population places a premium on young, productive workers, many of whom must come from immigration. ......... Assist communities experiencing rapid increases in immigration, which is traumatic for those arriving here and for receiving communities. Schools and hospitals bear disproportionate costs of immigration, while the economic and fiscal benefits from immigration accrue nationally.

A better welcome for our nation's immigrants, by Jeb Bush and Robert D. Putnam, Washington Post, July 3, 2010

There are lots of examples of industrial, creditor nations that have low rates of immigration. There is no clear case that high rates of immigration are essential to economic success in the modern era. What needs to be studied more is just how high rates of immigration destroy job opportunities for young Americans and help create low birth rates. Men's wages have been stagnant in the US since the great expansion of immigration in the 60's. In particular, recent waves of immigration have disproportionately had negative effects on the poorest and youngest Americans.

I would agree with Jeb Bush's contention the US ought to have better programs for teaching English and civics to the folks already here. However, the support for immigration and economic benefits of immigration tend to be concentrated among the most very wealthy Americans(i.e. Americans with over $5 Million in assets per family). It is they that ought to be paying for the costs of immigration-not the average American.

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