Bush and Putnam refuted by 24Ahead.com
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The excellent blog 24Ahead.com (I have applauded previous work here and here) was apparently as annoyed as Steve Sailer yesterday by the Treason Lobby blurb signed by Jeb Bush and Robert Putnam and run in the Washington Post on Saturday ( A better welcome for our nation's immigrants July 3,2010).

So 24Ahead patriotically took what must have been a large slice of the long weekend to write a fine 1270 word rebuttal: Jeb Bush, Robert Putnam mislead about immigration and assimilation Sat, 07/03/2010

I think I can confidently say 24Ahead’s fee for this was infinitely smaller than what Jeb Bush and Robert Putnam were paid for renting their names.

The 24Ahead essay is very valuable because it is complementary to Steve’s. Whereas Steve analyzed the motivations and history of the two Treason Lobby minions, 24Ahead systematically works through their assertions, supplies well-documented refutations, and sensibly concludes:

Nowadays, the far-left has more power and many..."civic and religious groups" will oppose assimilation with a small number of them being radical. Most Hispanic organizations work to oppose immigration enforcement and, in order to obtain more power, are not keen on assimilation. Would Jeb Bush and Robert Putnam put the National Council of La Raza in charge of "foster[ing] assimilation"? Whether they would or not, that's what would happen.

Jeb Bush, for reasons Steve Sailer documented long since, is completely hopeless. Robert Putnam, however, is a Harvard Professor, some of whom care (or used to care) about intellectual integrity.

Tell Robert Putnam to think harder.

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