Je Suis Muhammad—Muslims Worldwide Rally Against Free Speech
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Though each of these protests have obviously been in the news, this report from WND seems to be the first that has actually tied them all together.
In protests around the globe, Muslims are demanding an end to free speech when it concerns satire or criticism of Islam’s founder, Muhammad.

The protests are a direct response to the massive free-speech rallies in France and other Western nations after the Islamic terror attacks in Paris on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. A dozen people were murdered when the offices were attacked by Muslim jihadists, and about the same number of people were injured.

[Muslims rally worldwide against free speech, WND, January 27, 2015]

The countries listed in the report are Algeria, Niger, Mali, Iran, Chechnya (where 60% of the population of the country protested), Iraq, Afghanistan, the Palestinian territories, Turkey (where the government of our NATO ally endorsed the protest), Pakistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

But of particular interest to immigration patriots...

In Australia, an estimated 800 people attended a rally Jan. 23 organized by the Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir against the “arrogant West” and criticism of Muhammad.

One speaker, Sufyan Badar, proclaimed, “We rejected freedom yesterday, we rejected freedom today, and we reject your freedom tomorrow.”

The Islamic problem is an immigration problem.  The solution, as Lawrence Auster described, is separation.
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