Jamelle Bouie Calls Trump’s Sensible TPS Policy “Ethnic Cleansing”
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Journalists cheered a California court’s Wednesday ruling to overturn the Department of Homeland Security’s termination of temporary protected status for 300,000 resident aliens. This terrible decision was informed by the troubling argument that DHS’s cancellation of TPS for migrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan was motivated by President Trump’s racial “animus.”

“Plaintiffs have also raised serious questions whether the actions taken by the Acting Secretary or Secretary was influenced by the White House and based on animus against non-white, non-European immigrants in violation of Equal Protection guaranteed by the Constitution,” wrote U.S. District Judge Edward Chen. [California Judge Blocks TPS Cancellation, Says Trump's Decision Was Based On Racial Prejudice, by Will Racke, The Daily Caller]

This ruling was taken to its logical conclusion by one prominent journalist who claimed Trump’s TPS policies amount to ethnic cleansing

“It is certainly...something that the ‘worse than Trump’s outbursts’ here aren’t his administration’s efforts to ethnically cleanse nonwhite immigrants, etc,” Slate chief political correspondent and CBS News analyst Jamelle Bouie tweeted Thursday in response to conservative complaints about the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh.

When followers questioned the use of “ethnically cleanse,” Bouie doubled down on his belief the President is committing racist crimes against humanity. “yes. how would you describe a state effort to force nearly 200,000 citizen children from the country after revoking legal status from their parents on the basis of racial and ethnic antipathy?” he said in response.

This is indicative of how many journalists approach immigration. Every non-American has the right to come and stay here, and to deny that right puts you in league with Adolf Hitler. For months, the ACLU has attacked Trump’s sensible plan to deport those who no longer need TPS as racist, and the accusation is made against every policy of this administration. Remember how the media covered the migrant detention facilities on the border? Auschwitz comparisons abounded as mainstream journalists melted down over America’s phantom fascist menace.

Journalists still treat any news about the government housing migrant minors as confirmation our country is operating concentration camps. For instance, when the New York Times reported last weekend that authorities were moving minors to a new facility in Texas, left-wing historian and columnist David Perry declared that the GOP has “created a concentration camp.” Naturally, Perry added in a follow-up tweet that it’s “ethnic cleansing.”

This is the new liberal elite consensus on immigration. Standard enforcement of immigration law--such as ensuring temporary protected status is temporary--is ethnic cleansing and intolerable. We’re going to see this view reflected in many rulings from activist judges, columns from respected commentators, and, most importantly, campaign platforms from Democratic presidential candidates.

Fortunately, the American people are repulsed by this open borders agenda and it will only hurt Democratic chances of regaining power. It’s up to Trump and Republican to fortify themselves with that knowledge and refuse to yield to anarchy.

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