Jack Straw Was Only Able To Apologize For Letting In East European Immigrants Because They're White
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Kathy Shaidle makes a point here that I meant to say, myself.

Former Labor Minister Jack Straw wrote in his local paper that

One spectacular mistake in which I participated (not alone) was in lifting the transitional restrictions on the Eastern European states like Poland and Hungary which joined the EU in mid-2004. [Difficult decisions can lead to mistakes, November 7, 2013]

Steve Sailer responded by saying

American elites are almost alone in the world in maintaining a unified front in never ever apologizing for what they've wrought with their immigration policies.

Well, yes, but he can only say it because the immigrants involved are white. In a post called Blonde Fruit Pickers In Great Britain, I noted that the migrant labor in the UK strawberry fields looks nothing  like it does in the Imperial Valley.

Strawberry Blondes

But if Straw is allowed to apologize for letting in Eastern  Europeans in large numbers, whould it kill him to admit Enoch Powell was right? Yes, it probably would, and he might get arrested under Britain's Orwellian Race Relations laws.

Just to put it in perspective, Straw is apologizing for the immigration policy that let in this  young lady, Polish model Eva Wyrwal, who is taking the modelling jobs that similarly constructed Englishwomen might be taking:

This is the most modest picture of Eva Wrwal we could find.

If he apologized for the immigration policies that produced this man, Michael Adebolajo (the bloody-handed murderer of Fusilier Lee Rigby) he might be in serious trouble.

Michael Adebolajo, the bloody-handed murder of Lee Rigby

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