Comanche Flips The Bird To The Flips
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As a Comanche Indian, David Yeagley can get away with saying a lot of things for which a paleface would be horsewhipped on the steps of his club.  He has a nicely dyspeptic take on the human race that I rather like.

Here he is with a bracingly sour assessment of the Philippines on his Bald Eagle blog:

Obviously, the rest of Asia doesn’t care about the Philippines, or any other Asian country. We don’t read about mega-tons of aid being hurriedly shipped in by China, North Korea, or even Japan.

Furthermore, Tacloban [destroyed by the recent typhoon] is not the only city in the Philippines. Are the masses of victims without any recourse whatever? Can no Philippine city provide any residence, aid, or care? Why does the world have to save the Philippines? Is the island government completely impotent, or utterly useless?

. . . . .

Our military should be employed in closing our borders, not off on the third world islands on humanitarian missions. The military is not assigned church work, but defense of the country!

Everything I know about the Philippines I got from reading Timothy Mo’s 1995 novel Brownout on Breadfruit Boulevard, which was so politically incorrect he had to self-publish it, back when that was much more of a chore than it is nowadays.

Brownout is one of those novels that, whether or not it is true to life, leaves you with zero desire to go find out.

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