Mexichurian Candidate v.Texas (and America)
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The Supreme Court will hear arguments tomorrow in a case between President Bush and his home state (and mine!), Texas, regarding the execution of a Mexican convicted of the brutal rape and murder of two young girls. [Supreme Court case pits Bush against Texas over death penalty for Mexican, AP, October 7, 2007]

Gang member and illegal alien, Jose Ernesto Medellin participated in the gang-rape and strangulation of Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena, ages 14 and 16. When their bodies were found four days later, Medellin was arrested and read his Miranda rights, but...not informed of his ability to seek aid from the Mexican consulate under the Vienna Convention.

According to the Administration, "The president does not agree with the International Court of Justice's interpretation of the Vienna Convention". Nevertheless, Bush is citing it in an attempt to undermine the Texas justice system.

You have to wonder: why? Is Bush really, as Brenda Walker has suggested, The MexiChurian Candidate?

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