Janet Napolitano: The Illegal Immigrant's "Best Friend" In Arizona
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"The illegal immigrant has in Governor Napolitano (his or her) best friend in the state." - Rep. Tom Boone, Glendale AZ.

As a professional wordsmith, my heart warms to a politician who can turn a phrase. Most of the time it is uncomfortably chilly. American elected officials are generally pitifully inarticulate. Westminster trains people better—which is why a pretty fair specimen like George Galloway was able to devastate Washington this week.

Rep Tom Boone here was acidly commenting on the extraordinary action of the Arizona Governor in vetoing two bills, one of which he sponsored, intended to make Arizona less of a free lunch for invading illegals.

Indeed it is highly significant that Governor Napolitano feels able to ignore not only the popular triumph of the Minuteman Project, but also the victory of Proposition 200 last November, continuing to align herself with the open-borders orthodoxy of the Beltway and the Main Stream Media.

Is she hoping for National Office?

Complain to Governor Napolitano. Applaud Tom Boone.

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