It's Warm And Dry In Mexico, Guys
Print Friendly and PDF is reporting that Groups Want Katrina Aid for Undocumented Immigrants . [September 21, 2005 ] "Groups" means the Hispanic arm of the Treason Lobby, in this case the National Alliance ofLatin American & Caribbean Communities, a fairly new umbrella organization.

They are asking for a grant of Temporary Protected Status for illegals affected by the storm. Which is backwards.

Temporary Protected Status is usually granted by the immigration authorities in the wake of natural disasters—in foreign countries.

If there's been a hurricane in El Salvador, and everything is upside down, or a volcano eruption on the island of Montserrat, and it's still pouring on the lava, the idea is that non-status immigrants can stay in the US until it blows over. (If it's a permanent condition, the authorities may revoke that.)

But this isn't a problem in Mexico, it's a problem in New Orleans, and Texas, where there are limited resources to deal the American victims of the storm. The illegals would be better "Protected" being whisked to a place of safety—in Mexico where it's warm and dry , and the Government of Mexico has looting under control. (It is in fact a government monopoly there.)

Perhaps the illegal aliens in question could catch a ride out of the area with that Mexican Army convoy that arrived on September 7.

And perhaps, as I suggested in August of 2001 [Dear Mr. Fox: Please Find Attached our Poor/ Tired/ Dispossessed, Etc.] we could send them refugees from other countries, too. After all, if they're willing to send trooops and aid north, which they usually receive, they can take in a bunch of needy refugees (from Somalia, or whereever) which they usually send.

After all, they have a lot of vacancies down there, and we've been told, repeatedly by Ben Wattenberg that "immigration is good" [Scroll down for the "is good" part] : now all we need to do is make the Mexican government believe it.

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