Chinese/Canadian atrocity triggers US/MSM atrocity
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Given the shockingly gruesome nature of the crime, news of (Vince”) Weiguang Li’s brutal murder of a fellow bus passenger traveling on a Manitoba road has spread all over the world.

Except America.

Following James Fulford’s link to a ”Weiguang Li” Google News search produces (now) 1,031 stories in an astonishing number of languages (many in Chinese), but only a handful from America.

For the American MSM the killer having a Chinese name makes the story non-news. Apart from generally cursory accounts in the more thorough news-oriented publications, references are scant.

This phenomenon was conspicuous at the time of the Korean mass murder at Virginia Tech last year. The ”Asian American Journalists Association” actually had the arrogance to demand the ethnic origin of the killer be repressed, as James noted back then

In contrast, the terrible but less unusual gunning down of three young people at a swimming hole in Wisconsin on Thursday evening already has 1,788 stories, overwhelmingly but not exclusively American.

The reason is obvious. Different public policy issues are implicitly raised. The Canadian atrocity, like the Virginia Tech massacre, opens the question of the wisdom of multi-cultural, immigrant-saturated societies. Not News! The Wisconsin one, happily provided with an Anglo-looking and —named suspect, raises the question of Gun Control. Huge News!

In America, news is what fits the political prejudices and policy preferences of the MSM’s management elite. No wonder the industry is imploding when intelligent curiosity and integrity is available at website’s like Larry Auster’s.

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