It Depends On What The Meaning Of Amnesty Is
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Do you support amnesty? Well, it might depend on what the meaning of amnesty is.

Our own leaders say they don't believe in an amnesty for illegal aliens, but what they call a non-amnesty is simply another scheme to reward illegal aliens by legalizing them.

Malaysia, however, has a another definition for amnesty. In Malaysia, an amnesty means giving illegal aliens time to get out of the country before authorities go after them. After that, they are fair game for detention.

A couple of years ago, Malaysia had a crackdown on illegal aliens. An article entitled "Malaysia Launches Massive Crackdown on Illegal Immigrants" tells what happened when the amnesty period was over:

"Those who refuse to leave voluntarily and employers who hire them will face whipping, jail or fines if they are caught."

Notice that Malaysia punishes both the illegal aliens and their Malaysian employers. Wouldn't that be something, if prominent American employers of illegal aliens were publicly whipped ?

Malaysia's immigration enforcement director, a gentleman by the name of Ishak Mohammed, put it this way:

''They know now that we mean business. We have given them ample time to do the right thing but they have chosen to remain defiant. Now, time has run out and they will have to face the consequences.''

Since our high-level law enforcement officials most assuredly do not mean business, should we consider outsourcing our own immigration enforcement to the Malaysians?

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