Karl Rove And Voter Fraud
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The New York Times produces a story about federally commissioned studies into voter fraud and manages not to mention the most egregious voting fraud in America: aliens, illegal and otherwise, voting in American elections. [Panel Said to Alter Finding on Voter Fraud By Ian Urbina April 11, 2007] The Timesman could have asked “B-1 Bob” Dornan how he lost his once-safe Orange County, California seat to an agent-of-influence of Mexico, Loretta Sanchez. However, at the Times one does not ask questions when one knows one will not like the answer.

The Times is more interested in how two researchers, with the All-American names of Job Serebrov and Tova Wang, purported to find less evidence of voter fraud than the Bush Administration was expecting. The conclusion, bolstered by quotes from Democrats with names like Serrano and Martinez, is presumably that in Post-America no hay ningun problema in the elections department.

What really caught my eye, though, was this:

In a speech last April, Karl Rove, Mr. Bush’s senior political adviser, told a group of Republican lawyers that election integrity issues were an “enormous and growing” problem.
“We’re, in some parts of the country, I’m afraid to say, beginning to look like we have elections like those run in countries where the guys in charge are colonels in mirrored sunglasses,” Mr. Rove said. “I mean, it’s a real problem.” [Emphasis added]

If that is what Rove, who is half of Bush’s brain (isn’t Condo-icantspellit Rice the other?), really thinks, then why on earth are he and the man he advises so Hell-bent on importing the populations of just those kinds of countries? Especially when Rove’s statement—assuming it isn’t just a smart-ass wisecrack – makes it crystal-clear that he knows what repopulating America with the Third World—especially Latin Americans, Middle Easterners, Southeast Asians and, increasingly, black Africans—is already doing to the American polity.

This amnesty and “guest”-worker mongering isn’t just negligence or typical wishful liberal thinking. Karl Rove knows what his boss’s pet project will do to America, yet he continues to push for it. Traitor is the only word that fits. As it is for the un-Prodigal Son in the Oval Office—only more so.





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