Israel Gets Serious About Deporting Illegals - Why Can't America?
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South Sudanese leaving for deportation on Monday

Apparently the Israelis have started a major deportation drive:  Operation ‘Returning Home’ heats up with over 100 detentions By Gabe Fisher and Hillary Zaken The Times Of Israel June 12, 2012

During a recent Knesset discussion, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu learned that 2,700 spaces for inmates are vacant in Israeli prisons and detention facilities. Upon hearing this statistic the prime minister reportedly pounded on the desk and exclaimed, “Then why don’t you arrest all those who cross the border immediately?”

Immigration officials explained that such a move would require bureaucratic approval, but Netanyahu wasn’t convinced and said: “We passed a law that allows intruders to be detained for three years — so do it.”

Sort of a mirror image of the Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty.

Over at Taki’s Magazine Jim Goad has published a good backgrounder: Israel to Africans: Go Home June 11, 2012

Israel, whether you choose to view it as an ethno-state, a veiled theocracy, or some Dairy Queen Blizzard of the two, is notoriously stingy when it comes to granting asylum requests. Whereas Canada is said to rubber-stamp 96% of Eritreans who seek sanctuary amid its frosty borders, heat-baked Israel reportedly only approved a single asylum request in 2011 out of nearly 5,000 formal applications.

There is a lot that can be said about this situation, and much of it is being said on the TakMag comment thread. However the view, as chronicled in our Netanyahu for President!, series, is that it is wonderful to see a nation defending its citizens and their society – provided those expelled are not sent here.

Why is not such a policy being put in hand for America?


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