Israel: As Serious About Deportation As Obamacrats Are About Amnesty
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This is not America: Deportation Protestors in Tel Aviv on Saturday

You have to admit it: the Israelis have style. Consider Israel-born daughter of Filipino migrant arrested and faces deportation on first day of summer vacation by Talia Nesher Haaretz Monday July 02

Only two days after the school year ended, an Israel-born six-year-old girl was arrested along with her mother, a migrant worker from the Philippines, ahead of their deportation.

This is the first time a child at such a young age, which is attending kindergarten and is a part of the education system, is arrested to be deported…

A.J. Mathias finished kindergarten on Friday and was planning to start first grade in two months. Her mother, Annalyn, had come to Israel legally, but lost her work permit when she had a baby.

None of this nonsense about Birthright Citizenship in Israel! Note also the family is Filipino, not African – and so not part of that dangerous group of which the Israelis are right to be afraid.

On Saturday I asked U.S. Amnesties Illegals, Israel Deports. Why The Difference? and earlier Israel Gets Serious About Deporting Illegals - Why Can't America?

The answer of course that Israel’s rulers care about their nation and their people. America’s do not.

But wait! Isn’t there an election coming?

Peter Brimelow has asked the right question:

OK, Republicans, If Israel Is So Great, Why Not Follow Its Example?

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