Emil Guillermo Still Going On About Vincent Chin, Thirty Years Later
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Emil Guillermo is one of the San Francisco Chronicle's professional Asians, but of note he is the  descendant of Filipino immigrant parents, not real Asians.  

He's got two basic issues: whites bad, everyone else OK.  And he is a one trick pony.  He thinks whites are irredeemably racist against everyone, including real Asians.

But that dog don't hunt, or, more accurately is a one trick pony.  His trick is the murder 30 years ago of Vincent Chin.  A 30 year old murder, and star reporter Emil Guillermo is riding that murder to this day.

City [Not So] Brights: Emil Guillermo June 27, 2012

Vincent Chin’s Murderer Still Sorry, But 30 Years Of Freedom Haven’t Changed His View Of The Crime

After 30 years, the killer of Asian American icon Vincent Chin told me in an exclusive interview that the murder known as a hate crime, wasn’t about race, nor does he ever even remember hitting Chin with a baseball bat.

Incredible as that sounds, there is one thing Ronald Ebens is clear about.

Ebens, who was convicted of second degree murder but spent no time in prison for the act, is sorry for the beating death of Vincent Chin on June 19, 1982, in Detroit–even though for many Asian Americans, he can’t say sorry enough.

For years, Ebens has been allowed to live his life quietly as a free man.

With the arrival of the 30th anniversary this month–and after writing about the case for years–I felt the need to hear Ebens express his sorrow, so that I could put the case behind me.

Of course Guillermo's purpose was not to "put the case behind him."  It was to dredge up a sad, isolated incident for his political agenda.  And his agenda is Hating Whitey.  At the same time Guillermo is meticulously ignoring the ongoing black war not only on Whites but on Asians, in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the United States and the world.  No mention of the Knock Out Game in St. Louis, no mention of the murders of Asians by blacks in San Francisco and the East Bay.  Nothing.  It is as if Asian victims of black crime did not exist.  And they don't for him.  Nothing so inconvenient is noticed or remarked upon as that does not serve his political agenda.

Which is all the more of interest, because he treats his fellow "Asians" like an Uncle Tom would—he throws them under the bus.

City Brights:  Emil Guillermo June 1, 2012

Emil May Rhyme With Schlemiel, But In Affirmative Action Fight Are Asian Americans The New Jews?

The idea has actually been kicking around for a few years but has resurfaced in the preliminary stages leading up to the U.S. Supreme Court’s hearing later this year in Fisher v. University of Texas, the latest threat to affirmative action.

In Fisher, the white plaintiff is challenging how Texas seeks out blacks and Latinos for college admissions. But in at least two amicus briefs filed this week, the secret weapon to fight UT’s policies has been the purported harm caused not just to whites but Asian Americans.


One brief, filed jointly by an Asian American advocacy group, 80-20, and the Brandeis Center, says that the Asian American experience is similar to the anti-Semitism Jews faced in college admissions in the past. The tack (anti-Asian American = anti-Semitism) is effective in making people feel the emotional side of the issue.


But rehashing data from the past and comparing them to recent Asian American admissions stats (primarily from Daniel Golden’s book of 2006, The Price of Admission) is really a red herring (pickled, or otherwise).  Historically, Jews were subjected to real quotas in college admissions. No such quotas exist now; in fact, current affirmative action law in force today already outlaws quotas.

No "quotas" here, but bad things do happen to good, read here, real "Asians."

That’s not to say bad things don’t happen to good Asian American applicants. In the zero sum game that is college admissions, some Asian Americans, despite good grades and high test scores, still don’t get in...

Is the harm to Asian Americans really a harm at all when someone doesn’t get into the Ivy League school of their choice?

Does one suffer irreparable damage when one must go to, say, Washington University at St. Louis instead of Harvard?

Is it really Harvard or bust?


The truth is when bad things happen to good Asian American students, they still end up in great schools, with solid paths to successful careers.


They don’t end up tragically in the Tenderloin of life bemoaning their underappreciated 4.0 GPA and stellar high school resume. No one ends up playing violin for spare change at subway stops.

Meanwhile, for some remarkable black and Latino candidates, affirmative action often represents a once in a lifetime opportunity. The resulting good to society is apparent by the real societal benefit of affirmative action throughout the years: a rising black and Latino middle class.

It’s an unfortunate fact that the admission of what one school deems is a qualified applicant will displace another.

But that is just a few eggs in Lenin's omelet.  A few real Asians, meaning East Asians, rather than Filipinos who qualify for affirmative action, will pay the price.

For real "Asians" are just a pawn here:

Still, this latest threat to affirmative action, with Asian Americans as a wedge among people of color, just feels different, as if maybe the divide and conquer strategy may work this time.

Meaning protecting affirmative action for low IQ Filipinos and their black and Hispanic fellow failures who have no choice but Harvard or the Tenderloin.  Which in itself is quite amazing since real "Asians" can do quite OK without going to Harvard, but if a black, Hispanic, or Filipino doesn't get in, they will be crushed by the trauma and end up on the streets selling their bodies or crack.  Which says a lot about blacks, Hispanics, and Filipinos.

 They really aren't up to real academic work at elite institutions as Guillermo seems to admit.  They need that affirmative action to a place they would not qualify for without it, but will fail if they get sent to Cal State East Bay.  Why is it that blacks, Filipinos, and Hispanics fail at 4th rate State universities?

But in the end it is all about evil Whitey though.  Guillermo is disappointed that real "Asians" are nothing more than a wedge against his dear and needed affirmative action.  Otherwise how would he have gotten a job at the San Francisco Chronicle?

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