Islamic Radicals Recruit Freely at British University
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Don't Expect That Motto To Last Much Longer

The University of Westminster was founded in 1838 and has a proud and distinguished history. But today, it is best known as the alma mater of "Jihadi John" or Mohammed Emwazi, the "British" executioner who appears in the seemingly never ending progression of snuff films from the Islamic State.

What could have led to the University's collapse? Well,

The University of Westminster in London allowed rampant recruitment by Islamist extremists, leading students “like lambs to the slaughter” according to a senior academic...

“I’d seen a tremendous amount of recruiting going on," she told local media. "I had Muslim students tell me that they were being pressured in the toilets to cover up and wear the veil. Women were encouraged to sit at the back of the lecture hall.”

Stein said “During the time I certainly tried to raise this with the administration. Interestingly the administration tried to shut us down while letting the recruiters in. I felt terrible because these students were being led like lambs to the slaughter.”

[Islamist Radicals 'Recruited Freely' at British University, Clarion Project, May 28, 2015]

A few things to take away here.

1. Imagine, just for a moment, the university's reaction if British nationalists were recruiting at the school. There would be mass rallies, legal sanctions, and the mobilization of all the powers of the media and the state to crush the interlopers.

In fact, imagine if an actual British student said something against feminism. He wouldn't make it out the door.

Yet Muslim girls being intimidated into "wearing the veil" in England garnered no reaction from the university administration. Or from feminists for that matter. Funny, that.

2. The school's swift action against those who revealed the problem instead of those who created the problem is sadly familiar to anyone who has tangled with politically correct, anti-Western (and anti-White) activists on college campuses in the UK or the USA.

3. Notice the target of sympathy in this article are the extremist Muslim students—"like lambs to the slaughter".   Even in a piece denouncing extremism, the white Christian British people are so unimportant that they aren't worth being mentioned.

4. The government is going to execute an "anti-extremism" program to fight this kind of radicalization. But this is as futile as trying to train Iraqi forces to fight ISIS. This is their belief system.

As with so many of these issues, this isn't about "extremism" or even "Islamic extremism." It's about immigration. As long as mass immigration remains, the British people will have to deal with this indefinitely. And as such problems inevitably necessitate expanded police powers to stop terrorism, the British people won't just have to deal with hostile Muslims, but an increasingly tyrannical state that restricts their own liberties.

As always, multiculturalism can lead to only one place—anarcho-tyranny.

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