Islam: Headchopping for Beginners
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Is there anyone on earth that enjoys sadistic murder more than jihadists? But just in case Allahs gangsters are somewhat recalcitrant to behead infidels or are new to the slicing game, there are Islamic clerics who will guide them in the proper technique in order for headchoppers to experience maximum Muslim enjoyment.

As the Wahhabi imam remarks in the video below, This means you take the sword, you place the head like this and then you enjoy yourself with it Take pleasure in doing it.

After all, the Koran teaches: “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Koran 47:4) Jihadists are following their religious instruction book.

Indeed, one often notices the jaunty disposition and happy faces of bloodthirsty throat-slitters after they have done the despicable deed, as shown by the ISIS chopper below:

Jihadist dads show their love to junior by encouraging sonny to display the infidel head, even though it may be a heavy lift. The seven-year-old pictured here was raised in Australia, but was taken to Iraq to share in the savagery with dad.

With such monsters on the march against all non-Muslims and America in particular, wouldnt border security be more desirable than ever?

Of course, diverse Muslim immigration is the dumbest policy ever and should be ended immediately on national security grounds.

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