Is The SPLC Completely Shameless?
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Apparently one conservative university student, and one Minuteman volunteer claimed falsely to be the victim of  hate crimes. David Horowitz, who has had at least one friend murdered by the Black Panthers, who was forced to buy a gun for self-defense years ago when he changed from leftist to Republican, and who has to have massive security everywhere he lectures to protect him from violent leftist protesters, thought this credible. The SPLC's conclusion—the "Far Right"—Horowitz isn't really a member of the "Far Right" by any sane definition—should be embarrassed. Extremist Propaganda
Fake 'Hate' Crimes Embarrass Far Right

Several prominent right-wing commentators and anti-immigration leaders were humiliated last December after they rushed to judgment in a pair of unrelated but equally bizarre cases in which conservative activists filed bogus police reports claiming to be victims of violent crimes.

The first began when Princeton University student and anti-gay activist Francisco Nava, 23, showed up at a campus health center with a swollen jaw, bloody mouth and facial lacerations. Nava told police that two masked men had attacked him, repeatedly slamming his head against a brick wall while shouting at him to "shut the fuck up." Nava further claimed that he'd been receiving death threats since the previous October, when he published a column in the student-run Daily Princetonian that criticized the free distribution of condoms on campus.[More]

But when is the SPLC going to be embarrassed? Fake hate crimes against minorities, women, and gays, are common, and provoke massive candlelight vigils on campus before they're found out. Nava was questioned closely by police, who were able to quickly determine he was lying. That doesn't happen so quickly when a member of a protected minority claims to have been attacked.

Real hate crimes, usually involving white victims and minority attackers, including rape, torture, murder, and even mass shootings, are either sent down the memory hole, or reframed as the result of white oppression.

And the SPLC supports all that, and has for years. When are they going to be embarrassed?

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