Is Laurel, MS, The Slave Power Capital?
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Immigrant Poultry workers:Preferred by Slave Power Employers


While the Sanderson Farms poultry plant which is the target of Howard Foster’s RICO/hiring Illegals suit is in Moultrie Georgia, the company itself is based in Laurel, Mississippi.

This makes it a neighbor of Howard Industries, which in August 2008 supplied the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement with its biggest ever illegal apprehension catch on one raid – see Howard Industries: For McCain A Question, For ALIPAC Applause. This was during the wonderful (and somewhat curious) late surge in the Bush Administration’s enforcement efforts. Sadly, the main effect of that policy shift was to allow the Obamacrats to lie initially about their deportation record as the results were processed – no longer possible as the consequences of their own non-enforcement becomes visible.

Howard escaped Government censure more or less completely (although not as completely as another late Bush ICE target, the probably better-connected Agriprocessors). Howard, a $1 Billion company, was fined a trivial $2.5Mm (Their designated fall-guy, former personnel director Jose Humberto Gonzalez, was fined a ludicrous $4,000). At least they were also clipped in a civil suit by American workers who could prove pro-Hispanic discrimination as Federale has reported.

Still, it shows what could be done. And what needs to be done in these disgraceful Slave Power strongholds.

(The picture is from a plant belonging to another transgressor, House of Raeford.)


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