Is Bill Kristol The GOP's Darth Vader On Immigration?
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Bill Kristol: Dictating more than just Foreign Policy?

Pat Buchanan’s report of Bill Kristol’s gloating about driving all but abject servants of Zionism out of the Republican Party brought back memories.

When Alien Nation (free PDF) was published in 1996, it was met with a blizzard of reviews, most hostile.

We were naturally very interested in how Kristol’s Weekly Standard, his recently started mouthpiece of NeoConservatism, would handle this hot controversial topic.

Answer: not at all. No discussion of any sort ever appeared.

Peter Brimelow was not surprised. He said that Harold Evans, who had bought the book for Random House, had reported an hysterical denunciation he had received from Kristol on having given a talk in favor of Official English. Kristol condemned Evans for “Nativism”.  Peter expected Kristol would prefer the immigration issue stay repressed.

This raises the distinct possibility that the outrageous and peculiar failure of the Congressional GOP to challenge the Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty also reflects the activities of Kristol and his employers.


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