Irving, Texas Removing Criminal Aliens 24/7
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I saw a note about this program in email, but I didn't realize the piece was signed by the Mayor of Irving, TX, Herbert Gears.

Pulling double duty on immigration, crime

Irving has developed an innovative solution Dallas Morning News, July 9, 2007

What if communities could find an effective, legal way to remove illegal immigrants and reduce crime at the same time?

And what if communities could do this without significant investments of money and manpower and without compromising the image of the city or the morale of its residents, visitors and businesses?

The city of Irving has done just that with its 24/7 Criminal Alien Program, created in September with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. To determine the residency status of prisoners, Irving detention officers worked with ICE agents, who made daily visits to the jail to interview suspected criminal aliens. Those identified as illegal were immediately removed for deportation.

Irving began removing criminal aliens at the rate of 50 or more a month — a huge increase over the four per month identified prior to the partnership.

Read the rest. Congratulate Mayor Gears. And tell the Mayor of your own city about this.

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