Hispanic Right To Cruelty To Animals
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Via Overlawyered.com, [The civil right to be cruel] I see that the New Mexican Gamefowl Breeder's Association, send them mail, is suing to make cockfighting legal on the basis that it's protected by the Treaty Of Guadelupe Hidalgo. Cockfighters File Lawsuit Over N.M. Ban AP, July 7, 2007] It isn't protected by the treaty, of course.

Brenda Walker has written about Mexicans and cruelty to animals.

Here's a note I wrote a while back, when John McCain was speaking at a Mexican-American Political Association fandango which was cohosted by the California Association Preservation of Gamefowl.

VDARE.COM NOTE: We looked up this Gamefowl thing, and the Gamefowl in question are not Ducks Unlimited, but fighting cocks, cockfighting being a popular sport in Mexico, banned in most, (not all) of the US. Its making a resurgence, however, due to mass immigration from Mexico. So the Latino Lobby and the cockfighting lobby are likely to work together, which means McCain probably is appealing to the gallos de combate-fan vote.]

And of course, when fighting cocks are illegal, only outlaws will have fighting cocks.

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