Hispanic Right To Cruelty To Animals
July 11, 2007, 04:21 PM
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Via Overlawyered.com, [The civil right to be cruel] I see that the New Mexican Gamefowl Breeder`s Association, send them mail, is suing to make cockfighting legal on the basis that it`s protected by the Treaty Of Guadelupe Hidalgo. Cockfighters File Lawsuit Over N.M. Ban AP, July 7, 2007] It isn`t protected by the treaty, of course.

Brenda Walker has written about Mexicans and cruelty to animals.

Here`s a note I wrote a while back, when John McCain was speaking at a Mexican-American Political Association fandango which was cohosted by the California Association Preservation of Gamefowl.

VDARE.COM NOTE: We looked up this Gamefowl thing, and the Gamefowl in question are not Ducks Unlimited, but fighting cocks, cockfighting being a popular sport in Mexico, banned in most, (not all) of the US. Its making a resurgence, however, due to mass immigration from Mexico. So the Latino Lobby and the cockfighting lobby are likely to work together, which means McCain probably is appealing to the gallos de combate-fan vote.]

And of course, when fighting cocks are illegal, only outlaws will have fighting cocks.