Iraqi refugees: the new Hmong?
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It is wonderful to have Joe Guzzardi back, even if not fully recovered from his dreadful illness. A glance at his archive demonstrates how valuable his work on the impact of the immigration deluge on working people has been: I particularly liked his Cape Cod articles.

Sentimentalism towards those who fought well as allies is, I suppose, commendable. But war is a business, not a bonding event, and consideration of the disaster that importing the Hmong (fine soldiers though they were) to America has been must chill emotionalism about Iraqi imports.

Even the social-issue obtuse Bloomberg News has woken up to the plague of knife assaults in London. (U.K. School Kids Strap on Stab-Proof Vests as Knife Crime Soars By Nick Allen March 22 (Bloomberg News) (They must be hearing anxieties from Ex-Pat investment banker friends.)It is obvious from the names that the problem is not one of English schoolchildren. One poor victim named by Bloomberg , Kodjo Yenja, actually predicted his own murder in complaining of the knife prevelance.

The problem is that some cultures are simply much more prone to murderous assaults than others. Iraqis, judging by the appalling record documented by Iraq, like to torture. Why do we need them here?

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