NY Times Unhappy
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Timeswatch has an article on a New York Times immigration piece by Rachel Swarns who seems unhappy that

Key lawmakers in both chambers seem to be moving to the right to assuage conservatives who helped derail immigration legislation last year. Now there are doubts as to whether Congress will actually send an immigration bill to President Bush this year.[Doubts Arise on Immigration Bill’s Chances, March 23, 2007]

Clay Waters at Timeswatch writes

Rachel Swarns, who chided Republicans for daring to use immigration as a political issue before the 2006 Congressional elections, wondered on Friday whether any kind of immigration legislation would pass the Democrat-controlled House. .... Notice the unbalanced labeling by Swarns — while her story cited conservatives on three occasions, the liberal Hispanic interest group National Council of La Raza ("the race") was simply termed an "immigration advocacy group."Times Frets: Congress Not Yet on Board Amnesty Bandwagon

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