Iowa Fair Wilding To Yield New Obama Campaign Slogan?
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So justice has been served in the Iowa State Fair racial violence: the Des Moines Police spokeswoman who had the temerity not to flat lie about the culprits being black has lost her job:

Police spokeswoman moved after remarks on fairgrounds fights By Daniel P. Finney September 3, 2010

Sergeant Lori Lavorato’s offense, of course, was integrity. She has compounded this by not disguising that she has been harmed:

“For reasons I cannot disclose, I am being transferred,” she said—. I enjoyed being (the public information officer), working with the media and the public and it's a job I'm going to miss.”

Lavorato said her pay was not affected by the move, but she will lose her take-home unmarked police vehicle and extra compensation she received for being on call seven days a week.

The culprit here is the Des Moines Police Chief Judy A. Bradshaw, an Affirmative Action beneficiary and Racial/Gender Spoils purveyor. Here she is gloating about being able to discriminate against men shortly after she got the job.

This behavior is outrageous and Angry White Dude supplies the outrage.

It’s good for Des Moines, Iowas politically correct police chief that it was “Beat Whitey” night at the Iowa State Fair and not “Beat Politically Correct Libtards” night. Judy Bradshaw would not have made it out alive—.
making an extremely valid point:
…what do the 40 young black thugs learn from the chief? Other than Bradshaw is a waste of oxygen with a lebanese haircut they learn they will never be held responsible for their actions in society. There will always be an alibi, an excuse, a way around being responsible for the decisions that govern what they do. This gives young blacks a feeling that no one will ever call them on their actions or stand up to them which only emboldens them to act like antisocial criminals.

How can any country ruled by such nonsense ever hope to survive? agrees. Protest to Chief Bradshaw. Tell Des Moines Mayor T.M. Frankin Cownie to restore respect to Des Moines by firing Bradshaw.

This cycle of Black violence/Police cowardice was seen earlier this summer in Greece, New York, as one of our letter writers confirmed.

It is probably happening even more than we know, as reading between the lines in Aventura Mall brawl stirs security concerns, [By Jared Goyette, The Miami Herald , August 29, 2010] suggests. H/T Thug Report

America should probably brace itself for more of this. The feral Black underclass may well be stupid but they are not oblivious. Predators never are. As AWD observes, when they detect ambivalence in the Police—and worse, the American Nomenklatura—they strike, as the Rodney King riots, and worse, the 60s “MLK” riots showed. And as the nation’s rejection of the Obama Minority Occupation Government becomes clearer, they will get more aggressive.

Expect the new Obama 2012 slogan:

Vote for me—Or Else! note to younger readers: don't laugh. This was a common, if veiled, line in the late 60s and the 70s, underlying Great Society welfare expansion, Affirmative Action and the notorious conclusion of the Kerner Commission.



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