An Iowa Reader Reports "Beat Whitey Night" At The Iowa State Fair, And The Media Coverup
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From: An Iowa Reader [Email him]

If you are not already aware, we are having some very troubling racial incidents here in Des Moines , Iowa . And as one might imagine, this is now being covered-up – and not just by the media, the police chief herself had to apologize for her officers representing the events as racist.

In one instance, a band of between 30 and 40 blacks were roaming just outside the Iowa State Fairgrounds attacking whites and shouting that it was "beat whitey night".

Y'know, the casual observer could take that as a trifle racist. Can you imagine if a horde of white hooligans had themselves a "stomp darkie night?"  Hmmm, I'm thinking that the latter would be deemed racist, very racist. Gosh, I wouldn't be surprised to see Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton show up.

Allow me to send you some articles. If you have people to investigate these events, do pass this information on to them.

Police say it's 'very possible' attacks near fairgrounds had racial overtones

Meanwhile in Burlington, Iowa there are reports that the assaults were  "part of a game called 'point 'm out, knock 'em out ...'"[Assaults spur loitering discussion: Public hearing on proposed ordinance could come in a week.,, August 7, 2010]]

And now the cover-up begins:

Des Moines police say they can't confirm race was factor in fights near fairgrounds

Non MSM reactions to the Des Moines incidents:

I am white and if a bunch of whites went out and beat some people because of their race or religion, I would state that those people should be arrested. If asked if the incident was racist, I would say, "Yes." If asked if what they did was wrong, I would say, "Yes."

Covering up racial incidents only makes matters worse — need I reference the history books? I don't think so, everyone knows this. Blacks are not the only folk who feel resentment, by the way.

If this sort of behavior continues, things will get worse. These racial attacks must be stopped ... AND, the cover-ups need to stop. Anyone who is itching for a race war is a nut job. America has plenty of external enemies to deal with, we don't need this crap going on at home.

Anyone who would make excuses for racial attacks, have themselves to blame when the inevitable backlashes occur. Nip gang behavior in the bud, kill its roots. Where are black leaders with the courage to speak out against racism in their own communities?!

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