Ed Rubenstein Projects Number Of Anchor Births
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In VDARE.com, Edwin S. Rubenstein forecasts the number of post-2010 births to illegal immigrants and to the post-2010 children of illegal immigrants. By 2050, it would be 28 million. By 2100, it would 132 million.

I don't know about you, but 132 million strikes me as a big number.

Switzerland has a lot of immigrants, but it rarely lets them or their descendants vote. The Swiss were happy to host, for example, Vladimir Nabokov in a fancy hotel for two decades, but they didn't feel any more compulsion to extend him the franchise than they felt it wise to extend the vote to his immigrant bellhop.

We Americans like to pat ourselves on the back about what political geniuses we are, but it's easy to look good when you own the best part of a big continent. In contrast, three major historically warring cultures — Germany, France, and Italy — meet up in little Switzerland, yet the Swiss have contrived to enjoy peace and prosperity for generations. Maybe the Swiss know a thing or two about organizing their political affairs prudently?

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