Internet Triumphs: Southern Baptist Treason Lobby Leader Posts Dow Blog's Dissent
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The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville KY


On Sunday afternoon July 3rd I posted Southern Baptist Treason Lobby Leader Represses Dow Blog’s Refutation. This dealt with the failure of the Dean of the School of Theology of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr Russell Moore, to allow the Dow Blog to post a response to his recent open-borders tirade. The Dow Blog has written three tightly-reasoned and well-documented essays on the theology, economics and politics of the immigration disaster in the light of the recent Treason Lobby takeover of the Southern Baptist Church, and as a member of this denomination. Sometime later, Darrell Dow’s remarks were posted, the first backdated June 27th. A comment on the Conservative Heritage Times discussion of this controversy informs me that moderated comments, when eventually posted, use the date they were first submitted. “Robert Sagers” posted on The Dow Blog’s own comment thread

Darrell, I just approved your comment on Dr. Moore's site, which was waiting in moderation. I'm sorry for the oversight—I just hadn't yet seen it in there. In Christ, RES
Well…perhaps. But I find it odd, in these days of the laptop and I-phone, that the proprietor of a blog which by the nature of his position must be an important venue of discussion within his community should neglect for a week the posting function on a very recent (June 17th) and controversial essay – especially if he has an assistant. I also note that very little else has been added to the comment thread. The Dow Blog’s comments could not have been buried in submissions – or if they were, very large scale repression is continuing at Dr Moore’s blog. probably deserves some credit here. The next order of business is getting Dr. Moore to actually respond to the Dow Blog’s arguments. Ask Dr. Moore to do so. (Please be polite.)
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