Indian Employees` Feelings Hurt By Abusive Westerners
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Ooops, it looks like the global marketplace isn't working out exactly as planned. Seems that those cheapo call-center employees in Bangalore, etc. aren't being appreciated as a wonderful ambassadors of diversity [ "Indian call staff quit over abuse on the line" - The Guardian, 5/29]. In fact, a number of American and Brit recipients of Indian callers are downright miffed about being poked in the eye with the outsourced jobs, and some are responding with creative rudeness:

Vijay Mukhi, a call centre analyst, said websites have sprung up in the US giving phone numbers of companies which use call centres in India, and listing Hindi swear words to be used to abuse staff. 'When you move jobs away from a country, there's going to be a lot of pent-up frustration which gets let out on Indian workers,' he said.

The loss of civility is regrettable but understandable: multiculturalism is destructive to social cohesion, and the damage to polite conversation is therefore not surprising.

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