Incoming Smear From VICE Enforcer Tess Owen
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This morning I got this email from VICE's Tess Owens [email her]:
Dear Mr Brimelow,

This is Tess Owen with VICE News. I'm writing about groups that the SPLC labels "hate groups" that also have a presence on Facebook.

  1. How do you respond to the SPLC's decision to label VDare as a hate group?
  2. Are you able to tell me how much money you raise through people clicking on your Facebook's page "donate" button?
I'm on deadline so a response by early this afternoon (ET) would be much appreciated,

Best, Tess

I responded (some links added):
1] It’s not new, they did it in 2004.

Our position is that the $PLC are just Cultural Marxist vigilantes and we’ve named them  a Treason Group.

So are you.

2] As far as we know, we’ve never gotten anything via FaceBook. They’ve shadow-banned us for years, quite probably because of the $PLC, and are now even more useless than ever in terms of traffic after the recent algorithm changes (which seems to have impacted non-political MSM sites too).

As's James Kirkpatrick has said repeatedly said, the American MSM are now simply CultMarx Enforcers .
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