In First Pearcy Massacre Trial, Samuel Lee Conway Convicted of Five Murders, Robbery, Etc., and Sentenced to Die in Prison Seven Times and be Re-Born at Least Four Times; Conway's Outraged Family Vows to Appeal!
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Three by David in TN

Pearcy Massacre Trial: Conway Guilty June 17, 2011, at 11:00:15 P.M. EDT.

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After three hours of deliberation Friday night, a Garland County jury on Friday found Samuel Lee Conway guilty on five counts of murder in the deaths of five people in Pearcy, Arkansas. Jurors will decide the punishment on Saturday.

Conway was accused in the November 2009 deaths of Edward Gentry Sr., Edward Gentry Jr., Pam Gentry, Jeremy Gentry and Kristen Warneke, Jeremy Gentry’s girlfriend.

The prosecution said Conway and co-defendant Jeremy Pickney broke into the family’s home, killed them and set fire to the residence. Pickney will be tried separately.

The authorities called it a ”botched robbery,” a catch-all for this kind of crime.

Conways’ attorney, Pat Aydelott, according to the AP story linked above, couldn’t be reached for comment Friday night.

Note that the testimony of Conway’s friends and relatives helped bring about the conviction.

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Pearcy Massacre Trial Verdict: Reactions By David in TN

June 18, 2011, 10:44:48 A.M.

Here is a report by THV with video. It has the ”two families equally shattered” angle.

Note Conway’s sister. With a defiant tone, she says something like ”my brother is innocent and I don’t understand this jury’s verdict.”

The alleged reporter quotes unnamed lawyers who predict Pickney will take a plea deal as a result of the guilty verdict against Conway.

N.S.: I shudder to think what such a plea deal might entail. After all, if being a mass/serial murderer of six people only gets you life until parole, what does a plea deal for a mere five murders of white people get you: Time served and community service?

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Samuel Lee Conway Given Seven Life Sentences for Pearcy Massacre By David in TN June 19, 2011, 6:39 a.m.

On Saturday, Samuel Conway was given seven life sentences, including five consecutive sentences plus 70 years in the Pearcy Massacre. [Five sentences are consecutive.]

The linked story above called it ”payback for what Conway's brother felt was a bad deal on car rims and tires.” Why did they ”stay awhile”?

Conway's family said they will appeal the verdict.

N.S.: This is getting more and more pathetic. So, Jeremy Gentry didn’t steal anything from Conway, he simply didn’t give Conway a sufficiently luxurious price on the (surely stolen) stuff Conway was selling him? Well, if you’re willing to pay luxury prices, you don’t buy stolen goods, you buy them in a store.

This wasn’t a ”botched robbery,” and it wasn’t ”payback” for Gentry ”ripping off” Conway and Co. This was a racially-motivated massacre, in which the ”revenge” story was concocted as a tissue-thin rationalization. I guarantee the reader that Conway has an equally pathetic rationalization for murdering Mary Anderson in 2005, and for God knows how many other people he may have also murdered.

If Conway & Co. hadn’t liked the price a black buyer gave them, they would not be going back to butcher five people, after doing God only knows what to them.

The sentence is just as pathetic. Unless a fellow convict murders him, it is highly unlikely that Conway will die in prison. And the chances of a fellow prisoner killing him are virtually nil, for Samuel Lee Conway is now a black hero.

Meanwhile, the verdict and sentences offend the Conway family’s delicate sensibilities. Well, we can’t have that, now, can we? After all, all their dear ”Sam” did was kill five devils, after one of them drove what Conway considered a hard bargain. If anything, according to the paranoid, black supremacist, jailhouse philosophy of law, which now rules everywhere from the streets of Hot Springs, Arkansas, to the White House, Conway was the victim of the piece.

After Garland County Prosecuting Attorney Steve Oliver bent over for Conway by not seeking the death penalty, Oliver deserves what he gets from these characters, but Garland County’s virtually 100 percent white tax base does not. The Conway Gang–for they are more a criminal association than a family–will not be paying for this appeal, but will expect the white taxpayers to foot the bill, and may also seek to get a white lawyer to give them free representation.

A lawyer friend in New York tells me that he gets calls from black criminal class families all the time, demanding free representation, while telling racial fairy tales that fall apart in seconds.

The only positive that may come of this appeal circus is if we can use it to draw attention to this racist massacre. God knows, the MSM won’t. P.S. After posting all three of David’s blog reports above, I heard from a reader who claimed to be a member of Conway’s family and who, come to think of it, sounded just like his sister.

Anonymous said... why does everybody bring race into this they have no problem against white people sam is innocent and when he walks free we are all goin to laugh in everybodys face we are not a criminal family yall are the racist ones always want to blame the black man and always say the black man did this to a white man cause he dont like white people yall are just tryin to lock up another black man get a life and stop worrying bout what everybody else does!!!!

SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2011 4:43:00 PM EDT

See here for my response.

If my title sounds absurd, it is simply teasing out the implications of someone being sentenced to seven terms of "life in prison without parole." As homicide detectives and the occasional retired prosecutor will tell you, virtually no one serves life without parole any more. It takes but one flourish with a governor's pen to eliminate all seven of Samuel Lee Conway's life sentences.

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